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Bal Vihar:

Bal Vihar is a place for teaching our children about the Hindu Culture, Society and Religion in a Fun and Loving environment. BalVihar in Baton Rouge is modeled after the BalaVihar curriculum of the Chinmaya Mission, Houston. This program was started in 1982 and serves the needs of the Indian community with over 200 students in Houston. We take guidance and utilize the outline and course material provided from the Chinmaya Mission as well as other sources.

We are honored that you, the parents, have given us, the teachers, the opportunity to guide our most prized assets - OUR CHILDREN.

The BalVihar in Baton Rouge is organized such that WE - Parents and Teachers, work together to impart knowledge of India, as well as Hindu culture and religion to our Children. We ask for your continued support and ask that you participate actively in this enterprise with your ideas, as well as placing an emphasis on BalVihar as a regular weekly activity.

This Handbook provides a guidelines and rules for all three participants - Students, Teachers and Parents. Your co-operation will ensure the success of this program.

BalVihar is conducted every Sunday, 10:30am to 11:30 am
at the Hindu Vedic Society complex on S.Kenilworth Parkway.

The program is conducted as follows:
10:30 - 10:45 - General Assembly and Shlokas
10:45 - 11:30 - Individual Class instruction and Activities

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Fun Activities:

Click here for pictures On Sunday February 11th, 2007, Bal Vihar kids went on a field trip to the rock climbing gym in Lafayette. They had a lot of fun.

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